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Top Ten Best Sellers from Cheap Tricks Ware

(March 1, 1999 to August 31, 1999)

1. Cheap Tricks Ware Bundle I & II by Cheap Tricks Ware & DATACAD LLC

$95.00 each or both for $145.00
In spite of some installation headaches required by the switch to DataCAD 8 for Windows, folks continue to recognize what a great deal these CDs are. Over 3,800 CTW CDs have been sold over the last four years.

2. B20 Stamp Plot MM by Ted Blockley $15.00
The updating (for Y2K & Win95 issues) of this invaluable macro that dates your plots made this the number 1 individual item this term!

3. B101 SymDoc Macro by John Lindsay, PCS. $15.00
This very useful macro to catalog your symbols, with improved compatibility with DataCAD 8 for Windows, continues to be a popular item.

4. M20 Roof Builder Tools by Eric Zetterberg, People Software $35.00
After many moons as our #1 best-seller, this item finally levels off with a drop of just a few notches.

5. B 111 The Ini-Outi Editor by Mike Smith. $15.00
A strong Top-Ten debut for this new entry last term which helps you work with the DCADWIN.INI interface file.

6. M18 Scrive by Ted Blockley $35.00
Continued popularity for this great suite of Text Tools again this term.

7. R177 Clay Tile Linetypes by Cyrus Fuller $5.00
A surprisingly strong debut for this new item that obviously filled a great need.

8. B102 Architext Font Set by Randy Jack $15.00
. These fonts based on the AutoCAD equivalent fonts proves to be a best-seller -- weíve just now made them Internet Deliverable too.

9. P192 Windows Compatible Fonts by Randy Jack. $10.00.
Guess people canít get enough of Windows fonts (now if they were True Type too, it would be #1 -- but thatís not Randyís fault!)

10. R165 Siding/Shingle/Shake Hatches by Evan H. Shu. $5.00
These converted AutoCAD hatches are still making a hit with DataCAD users.

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