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Top Ten Best Sellers from Cheap Tricks Ware

(March 1, 1998 to August 31, 1998)

1. M20 Roof Builder Tools by Eric Zetterberg $35.00
This invaluable 3D suite continues in the Number 1 spot based on gross sales.

2. R162 Delete Empty Layers Macro by Patrick B. McConnell. $5.00
This simple but invaluable macro for AutoCAD transfers sold the most units this term!

3. P187 Layer Lister by John Lindsay, Pearl City Software. $10.00
Another simple but very useful macro shows its worth this term.

4. B101 SymDoc Macro by John Lindsay, PCS. $15.00
Another very useful macro to catalog your symbols, unfortunately this macro is sadly not compatible w/DataCAD 8 for Windows (a 8.06 & up compatible version is now available!)

5. B99 3D Railing Macro by John Lindsay, PCS. $15.00
This Popular 3D Utility is now even better w/ curved railings added.

6. B20 Stamp Plot Macro by Ted Blockley. $15.00
Classic best-seller just keeps on rolling.

7. M21 3D Site by Eric Zetterberg. $35.00
Invaluable macro for working with rendering software.

8. B94 Line Master Macro by Patrick McConnell. $15.00
This aid to creating custom linetypes struck a chord.

9. R168 Landscape Hatches by Evan H. Shu. $5.00
These translated AutoCAD hatches show that people can t get enough hatch patterns.

10. R165 Siding/Shingle/Shake Hatches by Evan H. Shu. $5.00
- -- Ditto.

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