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Top Ten Best Sellers from Cheap Tricks Ware

(September 1, 1997 to February 28, 1998)

1. M20 Roof Builder Tools by Eric Zetterberg, People Software $35.00
This 3D Modeling suite of tools must have had heavy word of mouth recommendations.

2. P183 Architectural Fonts by Brian Galm.
Unfortunately, this item is no longer available but Randy Jack is quickly filling the gap for this need with a whole slew of great new fonts, such as B102 Architext Fonts and others.

3. M21 3D Site by Eric Zetterberg. People Software. $35.00
This tool also struck a chord with people looking for better 3D tools, especially in working with site contours.

4. P179 Architectural Rendering RGB Files by Michael Pellett. $10.00
These files finally gave architects a "palatable" set of architectural colors for doing more elegant quick shade effects.

5. P 178 People Template (Quick Shade Version) by Wayne Architects $10.00
This classic best-seller was made even better with coordinated Quick-Shading color selections.

6. B20 Stamp Plot Macro by Ted Blockley. $15.00
This oldie-but-goodie which puts a date on your plot files at printing continues to be a CTW favorite.

7. M18 Scrive by Ted Blockley $35.00
Last term's #1 Best-seller suite of text manipulation and spell-check macros continues to sell well.

8. P184 Dynamic Enlarge by Patrick McConnell. $10.00
This viusal way to do enlargement scaling seemed a much needed improvement to many.

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