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Here is an article I wrote several years ago about the tricyclic antidepressants which found its way to the web (with no help from me). To judge from the number of inquiries and responses I've gotten, it has been considered useful by many readers looking for an overview of these medications. 

I contributed a chapter to Jack Engler and Daniel Goleman's book, The Consumer's Guide to Psychotherapy. The book remains the best guide for the lay person to making informed choices about all types of mental health treatment. My chapter, "If You Need Medication," attempts to impart a solid foundation so that a patient can be an informed and empowered consumer of medications. The specifics are abit dated, as it was written before the newest generations of antidepressant and antipsychotic medications had impacted our clinical practice so profoundly; but I believe it remains a powerful introduction to the principles and practices by which I prescribe, and to the expectations a patient can and should have, both of medications and of prescribing practitioners. 

I also have a chapter in  The Psychotherapist's Guide to Psychopharmacology, edited by James Ellison M.D. This attempts to be an overall grounding in the principles and practices of psychiatric prescribing for the non-MD mental health professional. My chapter is on understanding controversial syndromes on the borderline of validity in psychopathology. While there is an ever-changing landscape of questionable diagnoses passing into and out of the favor of both would-be patients and clinicians, they embody some essential unchanging principles. 

Click hereto access Dr. Robert Hsiung's excellent Psychopharmacology Tips webpage. Best suited for prescribing practitioners. Some of my tips, which originated in a psychopharmacology discussion group in which I participate via mailing list, are included. 

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