Psychopharmacology Tips from Eliot Gelwan MD

These are from Dr. Robert Hsiung's excellent psychopharmacology tips site. As Dr. Hsiung states in his Introduction:

"This site is intended primarily as a resource for list members, but access is unrestricted, and those who take medication are welcome
along with those who prescribe it. "We are not priests with hidden holy books and a bird language which other people cannot

If you take medication, it's important to be informed, but don't make any adjustments without the approval of your physician, who
knows your medical condition, how you've responded to medication in the past, etc.

These tips are just that -- tips -- and not (with some exceptions) the results of scientific studies. They should not be construed as
providing diagnosis, medical advice, or treatment. They have worked before and might work again, but they are not necessarily
generalizable and should not be applied without attention to the particular situation and the involvement of a knowledgeable physician."

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