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Mini Mental Status Examination

Folstein Mini Mental Status Examination
Date Orientation"Tell me the date?" Ask for omitted items.One point each for year, season, date, day of week, and month5
Place Orientation"Where are you?" Ask for omitted items.One point each for state, county, town, building, and floor or room5
Register 3 ObjectsName three objects slowly and clearly. Ask the patient to repeat them.One point for each item correctly repeated3
Serial SevensAsk the patient to count backwards from 100 by 7. Stop after five answers. (Or ask them to spell "world" backwards.)One point for each correct answer (or letter)5
Recall 3 ObjectsAsk the patient to recall the objects mentioned above.One point for each item correctly remembered3
NamingPoint to your watch and ask the patient "what is this?" Repeat with a pencil.One point for each correct answer2
Repeating a PhraseAsk the patient to say "no ifs, ands, or buts."One point if successful on first try1
Verbal CommandsGive the patient a plain piece of paper and say "Take this paper in your right hand, fold it in half, and put it on the floor."One point for each correct action3
Written CommandsShow the patient a piece of paper with "CLOSE YOUR EYES" printed on it.One point if the patient's eyes close1
WritingAsk the patient to write a sentence.One point if sentence has a subject, a verb, and makes sense1
Drawing Ask the patient to copy a pair of intersecting pentagons onto a piece of paper.One point if the figure has ten corners and two intersecting lines1
ScoringA score of 24 or above is considered normal.30
Adapted from Folstein et al, Mini Mental State, J PSYCH RES 12:196-198 (1975)

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