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Astronomy Picture of the Day 

Do you like awe-inspiring pretty pictures? You can't do better than this, IMHO. With an expert's commentary every day. 

Internet font browser 

Comprehensive listing of freeware and shareware fonts available on the 'net, and how to find them, for anyone interested in fonts and typography. 

The New Scientist 

Home page for this lively, irreverent, socially responsible British scientific weekly. 

The James Joyce page 

You could do far worse than to spend your life in a playful, immersed relationship with Ulysses andFinnegans Wake. 

Fortean Times online 

Access all things Fortean.

Virtual Reference Desk 

Access almost all things non- Fortean! 

Culture Jammers' Network (Adbusters Media Foundation) 

A loose global network of artists, activists, and thinkers changing the way meaning is produced in the information-age society. 

Whole Earth magazine

Formerly CoEvolution Quarterly , originating with the visionaries (e.g. Stewart Brand) who founded the Whole Earth Catalog, W.E.has continued to teach me to think in new way for more than thirty years... 

The Utne Reader

An eclectic digest for those concerned with issues such as right livelihood, meaning and depth in life, and peace and justice.

Southern Poverty Law Center

A charitable cause I won't stop supporting. Ceaselessly campaigning against right-wing hate through the courtroom, lawsuits they've successfully pursued have broken the back of several hate groups.

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