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      This page is the "preamble" to my tape list. It should tell you all you need to know to keep me happy when trading with you. That, in turn, will hopefully keep you happy when trading with me. You'll let me know different, I'm sure... 

Click here to access my list itself. 

Click here to view my "wishlist," the shows I'm currently seeking the most. I pretty much only collect 1968-78 these days, and I'm almost totally uninterested in post-'85 dates. 

Here is a short history of how I got involved with the Dead and tape trading. 

  These shows are to trade and not for sale. Please don't ask to buy them; I won't respond with civility. Thanks. 

(If you're curious about this stance, which is well-founded within the Grateful Dead concert tape trading community, write me and I'll explain.)

Please, let's do our trading by email or fax but not by phone. I already have too many phone calls to return. Honest, it'll be faster to email me. 

  • CD:             Denon DCM-460 >> Philips CDR-770 
  • tape:          Yamaha KX-W602 >> Sony TC-WE825S 

 Trading Preferences: 
  • I don't use dolby or high-speed dubbing. 
  •  Head-cleaning and demag before every tape run. I prefer Maxell XL-II or XL- IIS. I won't turn down metal tape, though. 
  •  I like to send the cases w/ the tapes; if you're not sending 'em, tell me so I don't either.
  • CDR preferences in evolution; please tell me if you have a favorite, or obligatory, type of blank. I send the jewel boxes with the CDRs, of course.
  • It's great to re-use the mailers in which the music travels, rather than just ripping them open and throwing them away after one use. Instead of peeling  the protective cover off the self-adhesive strip when you seal your mailer, leave it on there and, instead, just use some external tape and/or staples.
  •  I'll get your shows done and mailed within a week of agreeing to a trade, except in unusual circumstances. If I can't get them done in a week, I'll tell you. Can you please do the same? 
  •  Your packages will usually go out at priority mail rate.
  • Please be sure to include  your email address with music you send me, somewhere, somehow. 


The ratings are based on my personal judgment, they may in no way match your judgment. Tapes are rated on the recording quality, not the performance. I'm probably not a strict grader because I can't help listening to the Dead playing instead of the tape hiss unless it's insistently annoying. (Hey! "Listening to the music behind the noise" - not a bad approach to the world in general, ay?) If I haven't listened to a tape in awhile, or carefully enough, and it turns out to be worse than its rating when I dub it, I'll let you know. Again, your mileage may vary; you might want to let me know! 

  • A+  - Crisp and bright sound! Perfect very low gen. 
  • A  - Great quality, fairly low gen, one or two small flaws 
  • A-/B+  - An average tape, a few flaws but listenable and enjoyable 
  • B/B-  - Noticeable defects, below average for my collection, mild generational deterioration (fair amount of hiss or muddy bass, faded signal, distortion, breakup, etc.). Listenable with a little patience. 
  • C  - You'll say " Aw ^%#$@!!" too often; insistent defects test your patience. Usually not tradeable but, hey, who am I to say if you want it... 
  • D  - Difficult to listen to with much pleasure, you must have a burning desire.. Not tradeable! 


Set numbers and song-name conventions are according to Deadbase VIII, except I call it "Aiko Aiko" because I like that spelling better :-). A 'p' denotes a partial set. 

How I count the generations: I consider the following to be analog/0

  • the original analog recording from the soundboard, 
  • the original analog recording from an FM broadcast, 
  • the original analog audience recording, 
  • or the original analog dub of a digital recording from any of those sources. 
Every analog dub from an analog/0 tape, of course, adds one analog generation. In that way, the generation number is equivalent to the number of analog dubs since the original analog source, and is a good indicator of the amount of generational deterioration in the ancestry of the recording. You may count your generations differently...The generation listed for a show in my collection, where known, is the generation of my copy. The analog copy I make for you will be one generation higher. 

The time entry for each show is usually the length of the tape on which it is contained, not the length of the set. 

Feel free to offer me upgrades to shows in my collection rated B- and below! 

If you discover any errors in this list, please notify me so I can update it. 

If you need any additional info, please don't hesitate to ask


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