"Nothing was more characteristic . . . in the
  thirties than the little notebooks with black
  covers which he always carried with him in
  which he tirelessly entered in the form of
  quotations what daily living and reading
  netted him in the way of “pearls” and
  “coral.” On occasion he read them aloud,
  showed them around like items from a choice
  and precious collection." 
--Hannah Arendt
"A gentleman is never unintentionally rude." --Oscar Wilde
"A great truth is a truth whose opposite is also a great truth." -- Neils Bohr
"All great truths begin as blasphemies." --GBShaw
"All we have are words." -- Wittgenstein
"Almost two thousand years, and no new god!" --Nietzsche
"And what's the work? To ease the pain of living. All else, drunken dumbshow." -- Allen Ginsburg
"Art is making the strange familiar and the familiar strange." --Klee
"At any master who lacks the grace to laugh at himself...I laugh." -- Nietzsche
"Beware of all enterprises requiring new clothes." -Thoreau
"Dance like no one's watching, and love like it's never gonna hurt."
"Don't fall asleep in your enemy's dream." -- John Edgar Wideman
"Even mud gives the illusion of depth" -- Marshall McLuhan
"Everyone is more or less mad on one point." --Kipling
"Everything not strictly forbidden is now mandatory." --Schwa
"Exuberance is holy." --Blake
"First get your facts, then distort them at your leisure." -Mark Twain
"I am not sincere, even when I say I am not." -Jules Renard
"I don't paint things, only the difference between things." --Matisse
"I think I think; therefore I think I am." --Ambrose Bierce
"I would believe only in a god who could dance." --Nietzsche
"If existence had a final purpose, it would have reached it." -- Nietzsche
"If you're not angry, then you're just stupid, you don't care." --Ani diFranco
"Is there life before death?" --Belfast graffitum
"It's a long walk back to Eden. Get over yourself." --Jan Junod
"It's not how old you are, but how you are old." --Marie Dressler
"Just say know." --Timothy Leary
"Language is a virus." -William Burroughs
"Life is too important a thing ever to talk seriously about it." -- Oscar Wilde
"Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to." -- Mark Twain
"May you live in interesting times!" --Chinese curse
"Modesty died when false modesty was born." -Mark Twain
"Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body." --James Joyce ( Ulysses)
"No good deed goes unpunished" --Mark Twain.
"No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up." --Jane Wagner
"Nothing is more real than nothing." -- Beckett
"Often it is fatal to live too long." -Racine
"Only a person of great faith can afford to be a skeptic." --Nietzsche
"Only the shallow know themselves." --Oscar Wilde
"Our heads are round so our thoughts can fly in any direction." -- Picabia
"Paranoids are the only ones who see things anymore." --Anatole Broyard
"Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God." --Vonnegut
"Politics is the entertainment branch of industry." --Frank Zappa
"Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow." --Oscar Wilde
"Show me a sane man, and I will cure him for you." --Carl Jung
"Some days, I just smile and go home." --Grace Slick
"Speak according to the madness that has seduced you." --Andre Breton
"The believer is happy, the doubter wise." --Greek proverb
"The meaning of life is that it stops." --Kafka
"The stars are always in their 'right' places." -Alan Watts
"The universe is made up of stories, not atoms." --Muriel Ruckeyser
"We are the hurdles we leap to be ourselves." --Michael McClure
"We live only part of the life we are given." --Michael Murphy
"What will become of the Creator if I become normal?" --Anais Nin
"When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers." --Oscar Wilde

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