Week 5 Wings and Fairing

During this week, we finished the wing frames and began assembling the fairing.

Here's what the wing frames look like until you're ready to skin'em.

Tom Peghiny, one of the main designers of the FlightStar, likes to joke about how ridiculously simple the structure is.

This photo shows the routing of the elevator push pull tubes.

There are two elevator push-pulls for safety.

Since I live in New England, it was easy for me to pick up my fairing and windshield myself. It also saves FlightStar and George Schrovsky, FlightStar's fiberglass wizard, the expense of crating and shipping.

So, my buddy Paul Douglas (another home builder) and I drove up to Shirley, Mass. in his gigantic Chevy suburban and got'em.

George is an absolute wizard when it comes to composites. And, you'll really marvel at the quality of his work.

Another view of the fairing assembly.

You'll find that the assembling of this part is very straightforward.

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