Week 14 Part 2 - Covering the Wings

The initial covering of the wings is like slipping a large sock over the wing frames.

The wings won't actually take shape until you insert the upper and lower battens into the pre-sown pockets inside the wing covering.

BE CAREFUL - This is only a TOOL. You still have to continue to help ease the cover into place. People have pulled out grommets by solely using this method.

We moved the wing frames out into the driveway and placed a blanket on the ground to prevent any scuffing.

After that, just start slipping the wing envelope over the frame.

I'd also point out that prior to this step, you should take some clear packaging tape and cover the heads of all bolts in the cross members of the wings. The tape acts like a ski jump for the cover to slip over.

Same stage --- different view.

As the wing cover gets near the end of the pull, it gets very difficult to pull.

I rigged up this closet pole as a pulling aide. The wing frame itself is pushing against the garage door to counter act the force I'm applying with the closet pole.

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