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James Craig Burley, Software Craftsperson and Architect


Operating systems (kernels, file system code), system architecture, language design, compilers and related tools, networking in a hostile environment (such as the Internet), system administration, testing (quality assurance), and technical writing and editing.

Experience (PDF, Word/DOC) includes substantially improving productivity of software developers, testers, technical writers and editors, system administrators, and end users, via thoughtful analysis of workload, process, and quality controls, followed up with research, proposal, development, implementation, and maintenance of optimizations.


Researching email abuse and developing practical countermeasures, as a benefit to those who make legitimate use of the Internet without abusing its inherently cooperative nature. Serving as "postmaster" for my own domain names, rather than outsourcing that work, mainly to increase my own understanding of the challenges of doing so.

Previous projects include porting and subsequently optimizing a native-code generator for the Verilog language, targeting the SPARCv8 architecture, originally targeting HP-PA RISC; GNU FORTRAN 77, which I wrote and maintained over a period of many years; and design, reverse-engineering, and documentation for a page-layout-software company.


Limited (part-time only) through October 2011.


Mirror of this web site.

My personal web site.

Geezer tech site for certain ancient technologies.

Spam, Viruses, Etc.

I don't send spam, viruses, etc., though such material often "pretends" to come from me or one of the domain names I control.

Email header lines such as "From:", "Reply-To:", and "Return-Path:" can be easily forged by a sender, as can "Received:" in certain cases. Don't trust them!

My (personally patched, so don't blame djb) installation of qmail no longer bounces misaddressed emails. Instead, it either rejects them or deposits them in a special mailbox for me to review when I have time for any truly mis-sent emails, which I would then "bounce" by hand.

Though that makes my life a bit more difficult, I feel it's a more reasonable choice than to continue bouncing lots of spam and vermin to innocent third parties (victims of joe jobs, like myself), and a more secure alternative than to reject all such email during the SMTP conversation (though many people, and MTAs other than vanilla qmail, prefer that approach).


Feel free to contact me by emailing james-availability at about my availability to work on your project.

Important: If you're using anti-spam measures such as RBLs listing dynamic IP blocks, you might not hear back from me, as my emails to you might be blocked. Either whitelist me, or tell me how else to reach you — even a specific IP address and/or (SMTP) port number I can use to deliver email to you, which you've set up to receive email without such blocking in place, would do just fine. I do now publish SPF records, though I don't recommend reliance on their use.

My GPG/PGP public key is available.


Keep up with my consulting-related news.

Terms of Service

Please review and agree to my terms before using this site, the web server at, any other service at, or the domain name itself.

These terms are designed mainly to discourage spammers, vermin authors, and their various supporters and enablers.



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