Family of Margaret Ahern
and Maurice Roche

Margaret Ahern, born to John Ahern and Catharine Ahern about February 1831 probably in Mallow, County Cork, Ireland, died of pnuemonia at her home at 61 North Union Street in Arlington 2 July 1902, buried on the 4th of July in St. Paul's cemetery in Arlington. She had been an invalid for five or six years before her death. She married Maurice Roche, a farm laborer, aged about 20, on Friday, 10 August 1849 at St. Mary's in Mallow, Cork (witnesses: Patrick Mortal and Dennis Ahern). They immigrated from County Cork to the U. S. in 1867, arriving in the port of New York 18 July on the S.S. Virginia. The Virginia was a 3,000 ton steamship that left Liverpool under Capt. Nicholas Prowse about the 1st of July, stopping at Queenstown, Co. Cork for passengers a couple of days later. This is probably where the Roches boarded. There were eight of them, Morris and Margaret and their six children sharing a berth in steerage for the two week passage.

Their children were:

  1. Mary Roche, born at Cloughlucas in Mallow, Co. Cork, baptized 25 March 1850 at St. Mary's in Mallow (sponsors: Timothy Connor and Mary Daly), died in Mallow or Doneraile before 1861.
  2. John Roche, born about June 1851 at Cloughlucas in Mallow, Co. Cork, baptized at St. Mary's in Mallow (sponsors: Patrick Mortal and Catherine Robinson), died of a heart attack while swimming in the Mystic Lakes in Medford, Massachusetts on Sunday the 4th of August 1889. He had never married.
  3. Ellen Roche, born in Mallow, Co. Cork, baptized 22 May 1853 at St. Mary's in Mallow (sponsors: James Fitzpatrick and Mary Galvin), married a farmer, Timothy Twoomey of Winchester, Mass., son of Matthew and Honora Twoomey, 24 February 1881 at St. Malachy's in Arlington, Mass. (witnesses: Patrick Twoomey and Mary Roche) and died 8 February 1902 in Arlington. They had the following children:
  4. James J. Roche, born in Mallow, Co. Cork, baptized at St. Mary's in Mallow 19 February 1856 (sponsors: William Neil and Ellen Fitzpatrick), He worked as a teamster and married Catherine Harrigan (age 19) 30 September 1875 at St. Malachy's in Arlington (witness: Rose Frances Welch). She was born in Ireland to Michael and Kate. They lived on Park Street in 1881, and had the following children:
  5. Catherine "Kate" Roach, born about March 1859 in Doneraile, Co. Cork, Ireland, baptized 13 March 1859 at Doneraile (sponsors: John Roche and Hanna Rily), died in Arlington 26 August 1879 of consumption.
  6. Mary T. Roach, born in Doneraile, Co. Cork, baptized at Doneraile 5 May 1861 (sponsors: Daniel Ahern and Mary Murphy), married Cornelius Coughlin (26), son of Jeremiah and Mary (Keefe) 25 June 1885 at St. Malachy's in Arlington (witnesses: William Coughlin and Margaret Roach).
  7. Michael Roach, born in Doneraile, Co. Cork, baptized 4 October 1863 at Doneraile (sponsors: Patrick Ahern and Mary Brown)
  8. David A. Roach, born 7 December 1865 in Doneraile, County Cork, baptized 10 December 1865 at Doneraile (sponsors: Thomas Roche and Bridget Regan), married Annie Garde, daughter of Benjamin Garde and Mary Kennedy, and died 10 February 1899 in Arlington. David's name does not appear with the rest of the family on the passenger list of the S.S. Virginia, but this is probably because they did not charge for infants. They had the following children:
  9. Margaret A. Roach, born on Friday, 21 August 1868 in Arlington, baptized 30 August at St. Peter's in Cambridge (sponsors: John Roach and Mary Corcoran). She married Edward O'Hanlon (aged 36) from Newton on 14 November 1895 at St. Malachy's in Arlington (witnesses: Francis J. Dunlevy and Alice V. Roach). He had been born in Ireland to Edward O'Hanlon and Catherine McAulliffe, immigrated to the U.S. about 1888 and worked as a house carpenter. They had the following children:
  10. Elizabeth "Lizzie" G. Roach, born 26 June 1870 in West Cambridge, baptized 3 July at St. Peter's in Cambridge (sponsors: Patrick Ahern and Ellen [Ahern] Coughlin), married John Barry (aged 22) of Arlington at St. Malachy's 29 September 1892 (witnesses: Michael Barry and Margaret Roach). They had the following children:
  11. Annie Josephine Roach, born 7 March 1873 in Arlington, baptized 9 March at St. Malachy's (sponsors: Michael Coughlin and Mary O'Donnell).
  12. Alice V. Roach, born 3 September 1875 in Arlington, baptized 5 September at St. Malachy's (sponsors: Arthur Coughlin and Mary [Prendergast] Bradley).
  13. Katie Roach, born about 1878 in Massachusetts.

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