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The World's Help Desk

* Sources of Help - Other means of getting help, including our friendly Customer Support staff's phone number.

* Web page creation - Our growing collection of reference material on building your own Web pages.
Technical information on using The World's Web hosting services is here as well as general HTML help.

* PPP Setup Help - Walkthrough for configuring Windows (Dial-Up Networking) or Mac OS for running Internet programs (such as Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer) over a dialup connection.

* Macintosh setup help - Basic help setting up Macs to use The World (including our "World On The Web" software kit.)

* Backups & File Recovery - We can usually retrieve deleted files.

* Index of World Topics - a large collection of writeups and walkthroughs for doing various things with The World. Examples include "modems", "mail", "Usenet", and "shell scripting".

* Index of World Commands - review a comprehensive World command list that contains beginner and advanced instructions on use, and useful examples. This is where you'd look up 'grep', 'ls', 'vi', 'wwwacct', and 'trn'.

* Beginner's Guide to UNIX - provides a comprehensive introduction to basic UNIX command-line services for the novice customer.

* Glossary - a dictionary of World-related terms with definitions and links to related topics.

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